Welcome to Hearthside Magic

Learn more about divination, earth-based spirituality, and building a mindful practice.

About Us

Whether you're reading for yourself or for others, we'd love to share how we've built our own practices over the years. We use tarot, astrology, and other methods of divination for everything from introspection to creating our next marketing strategy.

Lauren is a tarot reader and astrologer based in Texas, with a background in SEO, content management, and marketing consultation. She currently runs Tarot & Chai, a tea and tarot corner at the Fairy Moon Emporium in Kerrville, TX.

Ada is an astrologer, writer, and user experience designer with a Taurus sun, Aquarius moon, and Leo rising. She teaches astrology classes, offers astrology consultations, and is working on a book about narrative astrology. Her passion is for creating cosy spaces where people feel enthusiastically supported for who they really are.

Together, we've created Marketing Alchemy, a business designed to help people grow their practices and businesses in the spiritual space.

Our passion lies in helping you find a way to start your own practice in a way that works for you, whether you want to reap the benefits for yourself or share your gifts with others.

Membership Benefits

We’ve found that things like astrology and tarot can help you plan your time and make decisions that lead to a happier life, centered around the things you love most. We aim to provide resources to help you learn how to use divination tools for personal growth, planning, brainstorming, and clarity.

You’ll walk away with practical ideas of how to take action based on astrological transits and the results of your readings.

In addition, we aim to provide:

  • A friendly, supportive community

  • A safe space where you can openly discuss your thoughts and ideas and get constructive feedback

  • Free monthly resources

  • A monthly Q&A for divination and marketing-related topics

  • Regular challenges to help guide your work and connect with others

  • Accessible, affordable courses (coming soon)

  • Mentorship opportunities (coming soon)

If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see in what we’re building together, we welcome the feedback! We have regular posts and polls to collect feedback on what everyone would like to see next.